Writing every day for 100 days

This past weekend (Sunday, to be exact), I decided to start writing again. I say “again” because I’d stopped for a while (which is why you haven’t heard from me very often on this blog. What do you say on a blog about writing when you’re not writing?). The reasons for stopping are all-too-typical and boring. I was getting very up in my head about my “writing career.” Then I had a good email chat with Tracy Barone, and I started to feel that itch to just write. I remembered back to the days, before my book was published, when I was blissfully ignorant of the industry and just wrote what I wanted to write. It’s time to return to that and enjoy the journey without getting attached to a destination. Like a Buddhist.

I’m working on a novel that I started back in 2009 and then set aside. It’s exciting to write again. I had a hard time sleeping on Sunday night because I kept thinking about it. That’s the good kind of insomnia (if there is such a thing). My goal is to write every day for the next 100 days. I did it before and it was really successful. I should be able to have a complete draft of this novel by the end of the 100 days.

I’ll let you know how it goes on Day 101 (August 29). Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Writing every day for 100 days

  1. I completely understand. It’s so easy to stop writing, especially when that niggling voice of self doubt starts wheedling away at our confidence. One good thing about sharing these feelings is that it encourages people like me to just dive in and begin again. I think that writers are very prone to getting stuck because we spend so much time thinking so we are naturally located in our heads. Good luck with your writing challenge and don’t forget to keep us informed about your progress.

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