Publishing Journey: T minus 1 week

It is incredibly hard to believe, but my launch date is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! It all became real when I came home from work yesterday to a box of 20 books from St. Martin’s. It’s very surreal to see my name on the cover of a book. My husband and I drank champagne while we — Read More

Why we write: Finding meaning

In the most recent issue of Poets & Writers magazine, the feature article (“The Deepest Place” by Kevin Nance) is about Adam Haslett and his new novel, Imagine Me Gone. The novel is based largely on events and losses in Haslett’s own life, centering around the mental illnesses that infiltrated his family. Haslett says, “The — Read More

On (not) caring what people think, taking reviews in stride, and defending flawed characters

I’m a sensitive person. My mom said once, “Your radar is always up.” I used to see it as a problem, this pesky radar. I don’t now. The radar is what makes me a good writer. I’m hyper aware of everything around me. I feel things deeply. It can be painful at times, but it — Read More

Publishing Journey: T minus 1 month

When I got my book deal at the end of 2014, a writer friend told me, “Your pub day will be here before you know it.” I did not believe her. At that time, 2016 seemed SO FAR AWAY. And now, here we are, a month out from my book launch. It’s kind of surreal, as most — Read More

Writing as therapy

Nora Ephron was one of the great screenwriters. If you don’t know her name, you know her movies: When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Julie & Julia, to name a few. The other day, I stumbled upon the documentary, “Everything is Copy: Nora Ephron, Scripted and Unscripted” and found myself taking notes — Read More

Publishing Journey: T minus 2 months

I’m not sure how it’s already the end of March, but it is. My book comes out in two short months, on May 24. I have a couple of launch events lined up if you’re in the Southern California area: Thursday, May 26, 7pm Pages, a Bookstore 904 Manhattan Avenue Manhattan Beach, CA 90266   — Read More

Writing: Art and craft

I’m late to the 2014 party and just finished (and loved) Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. As usually happens when I finish a novel I love, I Googled the author for insights into her writing process and found this interesting snippet on The Millions: “I took a lot of notes as I was — Read More

Enough with the artistic plight

This past weekend, I was having another bout of self-doubt (hey, I rhymed!) as I worked on a new novel. I started whining to my husband about how I don’t know where this book is going or if I can pull off the story and emotion I want. He said, “You’ll figure it out. Just — Read More