Famous authors on why they write

Every now and then, I ask myself why I write. I mean, it’s such a strange thing–creating these all-consuming alternate realities and fretting about them for months on end. It calms me to see how other writers describe their need to write. I’ve collected some favorite quotes here: “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what — Read More

Why we write: Finding meaning

In the most recent issue of Poets & Writers magazine, the feature article (“The Deepest Place” by Kevin Nance) is about Adam Haslett and his new novel, Imagine Me Gone. The novel is based largely on events and losses in Haslett’s own life, centering around the mental illnesses that infiltrated his family. Haslett says, “The — Read More

Writing for control

Sometimes when I read Poets & Writers magazine, I come across an article that is so good that I must tear it out for safe keeping. I put it in a folder labeled “writing stuff.” In the latest issue, I tore out “Quieting the Mind” by Sarah Herrington. And then I promptly followed her on Twitter. In — Read More

What I read in 2013

I had this crazy notion that I would read 100 books this past year. I have no idea what I was thinking. Who do I think I am? In reality, I read only 24 books, which is about 1 book every couple weeks. Life is busy. What can I say? Here are the books I — Read More

Why We Write: Continued

As I said last week, I just finished reading Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Writers on How and Why They Do What They Do. As promised, here are some words of wisdom from the contributing writers: “Whenever I am writing, or more accurately, whenever I have written, I feel better and more at peace as — Read More

Why We Write

I just finished reading Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Writers on How and Why They Do What They Do. I’d recommend it, mostly because proceeds go to 826 National, a nonprofit dedicated to writing and tutoring centers. I didn’t think the entries were all that compelling. In fact, my favorite part was the introduction by — Read More

Why do we write?

I’ve asked myself this question  often, sometimes with a tone of calm curiosity, sometimes with absolute frustration. What I come back to time and time again is this: I just enjoy writing. When I was a kid, this basic fact was complicated by another fact: I was good at writing. With that came well-meaning people — Read More