A chat with Anita Hughes

When PEOPLE WHO KNEW ME was released in May, I realized I didn’t know much about the publishing industry. My publicist suggested I rebel against my introverted tendencies and talk to other authors to get their take on the business of writing. Thankfully, there are quite a few authors in southern California. There’s even one — Read More

Publishing Journey: The galleys are here!

They’re here, they’re here! Christmas came early. If you’re wondering what the heck a galley is, let me explain. Book galleys (aka “bound galleys”) are the manuscript after it has been copyedited and typeset. It’s definitely not the final copy of the book. As you can see, the cover is not final. And my book — Read More

Publishing Journey: The Contract (aka Why Writers Need Agents)

When my agent told me we made a deal with St. Martin’s Press, I thought the contract would be signed the next day and I’d be on my way. Um, no. Turns out the wheels turn kind of slowly. I got my book deal in early November and I just signed the contract this month. — Read More