Motherhood and writing

I’m 37 weeks pregnant, so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this subject. How will being a mom affect my writing? I know I will have way less time and will need to learn to maximize free moments even more than I do now. But, beyond schedule and logistics, will the stories I’m drawn — Read More

A simple way to help little-known writers

You should see my list of books to buy. It has hundreds of titles on it. I am always, always, always on the search for new writers to fall in love with. Sometimes, I just read a blurb about a new book and I put it on my list until my next binge buy. I love — Read More

David Mitchell on how to write: “Neglect everything else”

I like David Mitchell. He’s one of the greatest novelists alive right now. He’s best known for Cloud Atlas, but I really loved Number9Dream. So, when I saw he had a little chat with The Atlantic , I had to read it. You can read the whole thing here. Here’s some of what he had — Read More

On opening sentences

Most of the books and stories I’ve written have been inspired by a single line. I’ll get that first line in my head and roll it around for a few weeks or months, then I start writing. More often than not, the first line changes from what it was initially, but the original line is — Read More