Publishing Journey: Impatience

There is one word NOBODY will ever use to describe me: Patient. I don’t even aspire to be more patient because it seems like striving for something impossible, like wishing I was shorter (which I do, occasionally, because I’m 5’11” and gangly as all hell). My brain moves really, really fast, and my expectations move at that — Read More

Daily routines of famous writers

I haven’t written a word of fiction in a few weeks now. It’s a much-needed break. I’m getting married this weekend and then going on my honeymoon. I’ll revisit my book after the honeymoon, then get ready to send it out into the world. The other day, though, an idea popped into my head for — Read More

Can you just…quit?

Trust me, I’ve considered it many times. I’ve been frustrated with an agent, the publishing process in general, my characters, the feedback I get from the kind readers of my first drafts. I’ve wanted to throw in the proverbial towel. And, frankly, I have. I’ve gone months without writing a single line of fiction. I — Read More

26 writing tips from famous authors

Want tips from writers who know what the hell they’re talking about? Check out the 26 tips here. These really resonate with me: George Orwell John Steinbeck Annie Dillard Ray Bradbury Saul Bellow Kurt Vonnegut