Publishing Journey: The typeset manuscript (AKA “the first pass”)

Because this is my first book and I’m pretty clueless, every week seems to present some surprise. The latest surprise was an email from my editor’s lovely assistant to say the typeset manuscript (also called the “first pass”) just landed on her desk and she was going to overnight it to me for my review. So, — Read More

Publishing Journey: The Copy Edits

But wait, there’s more! That’s what I was thinking when I opened an email with hundreds of little (but seriously important) copy edits to my manuscript. Thankfully, my publisher has people on staff to make sure I don’t look like a complete idiot. I like to think my spelling and grammar are perfect, but they — Read More

Publishing Journey: My book is done and I have a publication date!

I haven’t mentioned my book in a while, though it consumes lots of space in my brain. I finished my last round of edits early this month, and just got the manuscript back from my editor this past Friday. I was hoping any remaining edits would be minor, but I wasn’t holding my breath. I have learned — Read More

Publishing Journey: The Edits. Done. For Now.

Well, about a month after I received edits that sent me into a mild tailspin, I am done. The book is back with my editor. She will have it for a couple weeks, and then I’ll get another round of edits, which are supposed to be very minor. I have learned through this process not to — Read More

Publishing Journey: The Edits

So, the last time I touched my book was in October, about 8 months ago. In November, I got verbal (and email) confirmation that St. Martin’s Press did, in fact, want to buy my book (woohoo!). I didn’t actually sign a contract until January. The wheels on this publishing bus go ’round and ’round, but — Read More

Publishing Journey: The Advance (aka Keeping My Day Job)

Before I got a book deal, the word “advance” was so magical to me. And mysterious, too. What, exactly, is it? And, more importantly, when do I get rich? Ok, so what is it? Well, put simply, it’s a signing bonus. For first-time fiction writers, it’s paid when a publisher reads the full manuscript and wants to — Read More

Publishing Journey: The Contract (aka Why Writers Need Agents)

When my agent told me we made a deal with St. Martin’s Press, I thought the contract would be signed the next day and I’d be on my way. Um, no. Turns out the wheels turn kind of slowly. I got my book deal in early November and I just signed the contract this month. — Read More