Oh, booze.

**BOOK UPDATE** My novel is out in the world again, searching for a publishing house to call home. Wish it luck. On another note, who feels like a drink? Thanks to Shortlist.com, I got to know the drinking habits of some famous authors. If you are too lazy to click on the link (after all, — Read More

Odd jobs of famous writers

In my last post about the daily lives of famous creatives, I pointed out that many of the greats didn’t have the pleasure/burden of a day job–at least in their heyday. I’m sure most had day jobs at some point. And thanks to the good ol’ Huffington Post, we know what some of those were. — Read More

Hemingway to Fitzgerald: “Go on and write”

Yet another fascinating post from Letters of Note: Hemingway writing to Fitzgerald circa 1934, giving his opinion on Fitzgerald’s just-published Tender Is the Night. The book tells the story of Dick and Nicole Diver, a couple based on mutual acquaintances (Sara and Gerald) of both Fitzgerald and Hemingway. What I like most about this letter — Read More