Odd jobs of famous writers

In my last post about the daily lives of famous creatives, I pointed out that many of the greats didn’t have the pleasure/burden of a day job–at least in their heyday. I’m sure most had day jobs at some point. And thanks to the good ol’ Huffington Post, we know what some of those were. — Read More

Daily Lives of Famous Creative People

(If by “regular” and “orderly,” he means “boring,” I’ve got this covered) If you’re like me, you’ve read a great book or listened to a great album and thought, “How the hell did this masterpiece come to be?” It’s only natural to want to peek into the lives of the creators–in search of secrets or — Read More

Love letters from famous writers

I gotta say, if you’re a writer, a love letter is a tall order. There are expectations involved. I wrote my own vows when I got married last month, and my now-husband did the same. His friends told him he was crazy to attempt such a thing, since stringing words together is my daily life. — Read More

Wedding photos of famous writers

So, I’m getting married in 19 days. I just did that math and had a brief panic attack. I am so glad to have my latest round of book editing done because these wedding details (dress alterations! guest seating assignments! party favors!) are killing every brain cell I have taking up all my time. I — Read More

Running and writing

I never used to be a runner. In fact, I used to think runners were crazy. As in, certifiably insane. I wanted to attend races with a sign that read, in big red letters, “WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FROM?” So, I state sheepishly that I have become a runner. It started with 5Ks. That 3-mile — Read More

In memory of my kitty

My beloved kitty, Roxy, left this world last week. I wrote this little tribute to her on Facebook (because that’s where people write tributes these days; I have mixed feelings about this): Roxy. I got you when I was just 18. I saw a sign for free kittens on the side of the road and — Read More

Words of wisdom from Neil Gaiman

Need some inspiration on a Monday? Try this: Two of my favorite excerpts: …”a life in the arts is sometimes like putting messages in bottles, on a desert island, and hoping that someone will find one of your bottles and open it and read it, and put something in a bottle that will wash its — Read More