While you were sleeping: A letter to my daughter

Dear Mya,

You’re napping in your swing, finally. Usually by the time we get you to nap, you need to eat again. I have 10 minutes to write this before the inevitable hunger cry commences.

Our first selfie, while watching the ceiling fan. These are the days.

It’s been a rough few days. We’ve all had a cold. I got my first round of edits for Cherry Blossoms today. The editor said the manuscript is pretty clean, which is a relief. Still, I can’t bring myself to open the file because I know I won’t be able to start work until we are all feeling better (and, even then, I’ll have to work in 15-minute spurts, whenever you do us the pleasure of napping). Being a parent demandsĀ an entirely new brand of patience and creative efficiency.

I’ve also started dusting off another manuscript I had kept in a drawer for a couple years. Much like Cherry Blossoms, this story has always stayed with me and I want to finish it. I feel the need to complete these undone stories so I can write new ones.

The old me would be working feverishly (quite literally right now) all day. This new me takes what she can get. I have to be an opportunist. I do not have the luxury of waiting for perfect moments to write. If a free half hour presents itself, I attack. No hemming and hawing allowed. It’s rather liberating. I realize now how much I used to get in my own way.

So, thank you, for helping me put things into focus. I used to struggle with what my priorities SHOULD be (“should-ing all over the place,” as I like to say). Now, there’s no struggle. It’s all so obvious.

Right on cue, there’s your cry. Here I come.


Your mom

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