Brave new world

I have been meaning to write a post to let you know that I had my baby but having a baby doesn’t allow much time for things like writing blog posts. At the moment, she is in the swing next to me, awake but content. I am learning to take advantage of these moments.

Her name is Mya Jane and she arrived on October 4 to rock my world in the best way possible. I wasn’t sure how I would adjust to this new mom life with very little sleep and personal time. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it’s been. We have had some difficult days, with hours of wailing (the baby, not me…yet…haha), but we have also had some peaceful, joyful days (like today…so far).

I’ve been reading at night while I breastfeed, but I haven’t had time or energy to do any writing. I am hoping to start working on some writing in a month or two–as she sleeps more at night and takes more consistent daytime naps. For now, I am enjoying these newborn days and watching a ton of bad TV. My brain cells will regenerate, right?

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