Yesterday, I went to a yoga class and the owner of the studio asked if I had any resolutions for 2015. I was stumped. I don’t really do resolutions. I kind of just tackle new goals as they come up. Maybe this relates to me having a hard time seeing the big picture, the proverbial forest for the trees. I have resolutions for each day; for the year? That seems rather overwhelming.

But, let’s face it. Now that I have my book deal and publication of my first book looming (!!!), I should probably start thinking bigger. So, while I still don’t have any resolutions for my life, in general, I do have some writing-related resolutions:

1. Less Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, blah blah blah.
It kind of disgusts me how much time I spend looking at stupid shit. I mean, yes, some of the stuff is not stupid. I follow some great people and organizations. But, I could get all the information I need from them by checking in once or twice a day. So, that’s my goal: 1-2 check-ins on social media per day. It’s a waste of time, and it really interrupts the “flow” of creativity. I used to get writer’s block and just sit with it. Now I wander over to Facebook and, an hour later, I’m looking at photos of dogs and wondering who I’ve become.

2. Read more books than last year. 
Last year, I read 26 books. So, more than that. Some people aim for a book a week, but I really don’t know if I can commit to such a goal. So, let’s try for 27.

3. Finish *final* edits on my novel.
Yes, even though the book deal is official, I’ve been told another round of edits is coming. I can’t wait for the book to be done DONE. My editor says most authors hate the nerve-wracking, waiting-for-pub-date phase, but I will love it. I have so many stories I want to jump into. There are ants in my pants…

which brings me to…

4. Start a new novel.
I have some old books I could revisit and rework… but I also have an idea for a new story that is kind of nagging at me like an annoying toddler. What to do? This Annie Dillard quote makes me think I have to go with the urgency and excitement of the new idea… But does that mean I’ll never come back to the old stories? Maybe…

annie dillard

5. Connect to the writing and reading community.
I recently joined Twitter (@KimHooperWrites) after much hemming and hawing. I used to make fun of Twitter by saying, “that sounds like something kids did at raves in the 90s.” And, sheepishly, there I am, TWEETING. It is really cool to meet so many people who love reading and writing, though. I can’t meet that many people in “real life.”

What are your resolutions (writing and otherwise) for 2015?

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