MORE gifts for the writers & readers in your life

It’s beginning to creep me out how Facebook stalks me. I posted last week about gifts for writers and readers, and ever since then, I’ve been getting all these notifications in my feed with additional gift ideas. Some of them are pretty cool, so even though I’m creeped out, I will share.

This company, Litographs, takes words from famous books and puts them on t-shirts, totes, and posters. The photos below represent Heart of Darkness, Walden, and Moby Dick, respectively. It’s hard to see the tiny print in the photos, but the novels are actually printed on there. Click through to see. I want.

From the Unemployed Philosophers Guild (which has lots of cool stuff), there’s this awesome mug, featuring opening lines from 22 great works of literature (ie, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” “Call me Ishamael”). Talk about morning inspiration.


I am a huge beer fan, so imagine my excitement to see these Edgar Allen Poe-themed beers.

poe beers

Continuing with alcohol… this rum, named after Ernest Hemingway’s fishing boat, is licensed by his estate.


Last, but not least, this Mark Twain bobblehead is perfect for those writing days when you are getting delirious and just need to laugh at something ridiculous.


Now, let’s see what other ideas my Facebook feed has…





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