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eric croslandThis is film director Eric Cosland. On the topic of creative work, he says:

“If it feels good while you’re doing it, you’re not doing it right. You should be suffering a little bit.”

So true, right? My nagging insomnia in the midst of writing/editing attests to that. My stories always keep me up at night. Always.

Eric Cosland is one of several camera-driven visual artists featured in Gabriel Beltrone’s video about making a life (and a living) as an artist. A lot of what they say, and the advice they share, applies to writers (or any creative person for that matter). They touch on the push and pull between what your gut tells you and what sells, the fear of failure, the courage to take risks, the challenge of having faith in the midst of struggle. Sound familiar? Then watch the video.

Some favorite snippets :

“You have to hustle.” <—— Ain’t that the truth. Furthermore, you have to keep hustling, even when doors close on you.

“I don’t know if that fear ever goes away. There are still moments where I’m unsure of what I’m doing. But I have to have faith that it’s gonna work out.” <—— Most writers probably nod along to this. Every time I write something, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I question it. I feel completely unable to objectively assess my own work … until I get some distance from it.

“If you’re faced with the fate of being an artist, then you have to figure out a way to do it. This is not an easy life.” <—— Truth. I think I chose a writing-based day job because I knew I needed income to free up my brain to write novels. There’s always a compromise, a negotiation.

“Uncertainty is necessary.” <—— As much as I hate things being uncertain, it’s the mystery that drives people, isn’t it? There’s always that anticipation of something great. There has to be.

Check out the video. What stands out to you?


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