Here we go again

I figure it’s time for a book update. I’ve left y’all hanging. So, at the end of June, I got an agent and she sent my book out to some publishers. Honestly, despite many disappointments with this process before, I was super hopeful. My agent seemed genuinely excited for the book and had so many positive things to say about it. I was convinced we’d find a publisher to share that enthusiasm.

But, you know, the publishing industry is just that–an industry. And a bitch. The publishing industry is a bitch.

I got a lot of comments along the lines of, “The writing is great, but…” And, after the “but” was vagueness like, “it just didn’t grab me” or “it’s lacking some thrust.” My first response to this was anger. After all, I’ve worked on this a long time. My agent had me believe that it would find a nice, cozy publishing home without much difficulty. I got super mopey and disillusioned, much to the annoyance of my ever-positive husband.

Then I got a few of these responses: “Love the story, but I’d like to see a revision.” My book jumps back and forth from past to present, and the interested editors want to see a revision to the present-day storyline. So, basically, they want to change half the book. Again, my first response was anger, ie “How dare they mess with my story!” My agent and my still-ever-positive husband convinced me to take a call with one of the editors. So I did. And she was really lovely and complimentary and totally into the idea of collaborating on the revision. Of course, there is no guarantee that once I revise it she will publish it. But, hey, I’ve come this far.

revise or else

I’ve just started doing some necessary research for the new storyline I have in mind. And I’ve started some preliminary outlining of the chapters I’ll need to update. My husband says I should be excited that I “get to” revise it. I think he is insane and I may have said the other night, “Sometimes I think you don’t understand me at all.” I like to think I’m NOT one of those dramatic creative people, but I kind of am. Sometimes. Especially when wine is involved.

I’m aiming to have something back to my agent in early November, before the holiday madness begins. Wish me luck. I’ll need it way more than I would like to admit. Because the publishing industry is a bitch.

7 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Never give up– but you may often have to give in, suck it up and listen to the “industry”. I know it hurts but in the end it will be worth it.

    A friend, Lorna Susuki, wrote a series of great Fantasy books and the industry is making a movie of the first book and possibly more. I keep in contact with her because I;m excited for her and I also had a very prominent actor look at one of my books for a possible movie deal– with didn’t work out. The process for making a movie is at least 10 times longer than publishing a book.
    Keep the faith and great success to you, Kim. BTW, your husband sounds like a keeper

  2. I totally understand your feelings…AND YET…it sounds like the telephone call and the research and all the feelings you have (why not use them?) can totally serve this new revision with energy and emotion that can go into the manuscript.

  3. It could always be worse! I’m excited you spoke with the editor and can move forward to a final revision! I know it’s frustrating because of the time invested and likely hundreds of changes you’ve already made but you aren’t starting with a lemon here; stay positive and good things will come. I’m proud of you for following through with it!!!

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